8 EXAMINATIONS, 4 WITNESSES: Mary Todd Lincoln, Major Rathbone, Lucy Hale, and J.W. Booth.

STUDENT VERSIONTrial Boom (Student): The People v. John Wilkes Booth$49.99

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  • Great for law students studying for the Evidence portions of the Bar Exam
  • Great for law students wanting to ace their Evidence class and gain a leg up on the competition
  • Great for high school, undergrad, and law students wanting to improve their mock trial skills by mastering objections and the rules of evidence

CLE VERSIONTrial Boom: The People v. John Wilkes Booth$149.99

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  • Earn up to 8 General CLE credits
    1 CLE credit per completed examination (Colorado only, at this time)
  • Comprehensive F.R.E. materials, real examples, updated case law, and practice tips from experienced litigators
  • Great for attorneys of all skill levels, from the first-year associate to the seasoned managing partner

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